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Dr. Sara Pizzacalla, MD
4.9 (40 reviews)
Gynecology and Obstetrics
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Years of experience:
Languages spoken:
English, Italian
Rome (Italy)
Verified reviews
Very attentive to my concerns, gave the right recommendations, and made sure everything was clear and understood!
About Dr. Sara Pizzacalla, MD
After graduating from the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome, Dr. Pizzacalla completed her residency in OBGYN at the same university.

She works as OBGYN consultant at the Doctors in Italy Women's Health Clinic (Santa Famiglia Clinic), one of the most prestigious hospitals dedicated to maternal-infant medicine.

Her clinical interest are wide and include benign gynecological diseases treated with surgery, medical gynecological conditions like hormonal disorders, urogynecology, HPV infection and sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and menopause.

She is deeply passionate about her job and cultivates a love for learning and upgrading her medical skills, as attested by the various national and international courses and diplomas that she has successfully achieved.

Her mission is to always tailor treatments on each patient’s individuality: to do so she combines clinical practice with medical research.
Patient reviews
Very attentive to my concerns, gave the right recommendations, and made sure everything was clear and understood!
February, 2023 - S. B. - Verified patient
Shes really nice. Her explanation is clear.
December, 2022 - M. D. - Verified patient
The doctor was very professional, unfortunately the procedures and knowledge in Italy are very different to the UK with regards to prescribing HRT. HRT and up to date information in the UK is a very "hot topic" right now with very knowledgable and up to date doctors.I felt the consultation was a little rushed. I was very anxious and wanted to ask more questions. I would recommend Doctors in Italy to friends but only for everyday aliments such as coughs, colds, rashes etc.. I was slightly upset and disappointed with the outcome, although I appreciate the exact medication is not available in Italy. I appreciated the call to say the doctor would be late - that was very helpful of the admin team
December, 2022 - A. L. - Verified patient
I was relictant at first as I was scared that what doctor have I been assigned. However, the doc had very well spoken english, she was very knowledgable and understanding. Felt very confident in her skills, would definitely return!
December, 2022 - A. V. - Verified patient
She is caring and explains everything perfectly. I recommend her to everyone
November, 2022 - S. . - Verified patient
Super nice and caring :)
November, 2022 - J. K. - Verified patient
Connectivity was an issue ,(internet)
October, 2022 - B. S. - Verified patient
She was wonderful! Answered all my questions, was calm and informative, and definitely someone I would recommend.
May, 2022 - E. W. - Verified patient
Both the doctor Sara and the nurse Sara were fantastic, made me feel entirely comfortable and relaxed throughout my visit. Their English was excellent, even though I have a fairly good grasp of Italian, when it comes to medical matters I would not be confident so this was really reassuring.I cannot stress how easy and efficient this service was, and I will definitely be making this my go-to for all my medical needs while living in Italy!
May, 2022 - S. M. - Verified patient
Dr. Pizzacalla was wonderful! She listened to my concerns, offered ways forward, and offered alternatives (I was concerned about my birth control). I've had some bad experiences with gyno's in the past and having pain/etc. dismissed, and didn't feel that for moment with her! If you need to speak to someone in Italy/Rome, I fully would recommend her.
May, 2022 - E. W. - Verified patient
Dr. Pizzacalla was kind and thorough, I felt very comfortable to ask questions and felt she fully listened to my concerns and explained her advice.
May, 2022 - K. N. - Verified patient
She was really good.
April, 2022 - Y. K. - Verified patient
She is so great and comfortable to ask everything about the medical treatment also beautiful in personal, amazing doctor..
April, 2022 - D. T. - Verified patient
Dr. Pizzacalla was very friendly and helpful.
March, 2022 - C. S. - Verified patient
It was very convenient! The doctor explained everything very well and I felt very comfortable.
March, 2022 - T. M. - Verified patient
Dr. Pizzacalla really took her time during the appointment to listen to me and also explain everything. Very knowledgeable and kind person! :)
February, 2022 - A. M. - Verified patient
February, 2022 - D. S. - Verified patient
Dr Pizzacalla is extremely good at making me feel at ease and explains everything so well. She is always so calm and professional. Im so grateful for Doctors in Italy, its tricky to navigate the language needed for medical appointments but Doctors in Italy take all of that stress away!
February, 2022 - D. . - Verified patient
Dr Pizzacalla was very kind, patient and very thorough. She explained everything in detail and made me feel at ease.Sara on reception was also very kind and helpful.
February, 2022 - R. A. - Verified patient
Very caring and attentive staff. A very pleasant experience.
February, 2022 - A. H. - Verified patient
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